Monday, November 07, 2005

All is well more than fine

Thank you to everyone that expressed concern for my son and the cat.

Tucker, the 18 lb spotted Bengal, returned home in the evening after all the scary painter people had left and the school buses and trash trucks had completed their late afternoon rounds and the neighbor dogs went in for the night. He is a real 'scaredy cat', in spite of his large size, and I know he was petrified to find himself outside and so stayed hidden until the world got quiet again. Unlike Mr. Johnson, we are all relieved that "the cat came back".

The foot is not as seriously injured as first thought (when my normally stoic 13 yr old was crying from the pain and unable to bear any weight at all) and now we know that at worse he has a hairline fracture. He has to remain on crutches for awhile so that the weakness won't cause a worse break, but he is doing better and managing with some ice and ibuprofen.

Thanks for your good, if I can just catch up on the housework that was left undone from the 2 days of craziness! lol

Thursday, November 03, 2005


When blogs become quiet I guess that is an indication that life isn't!
Today alone, my son broke his foot and our cat disappeared.
When it rains it pours! Not very morethanfine either.

BUT otoh, 'morethanfine' is a choice. Even though it has been kind of a crummy day, I will choose to count my blessings! And so, even though I am missing my kitty and wondering when or if he will return, along with feeling pretty powerless to improve the situation, I will choose to remember all the good things about him and hope for the best.

And I can be grateful that the broken foot is very minor as these things go and it will likely heal quickly with little or no intervention.

So while things are not good, I am still more than fine.