Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gifted but Difficult

When I was a schoolteacher, I taught the gifted and talented within my regular classroom. Most kids identified as GT are academically high achieving and enjoy the school experience if they are challenged. However, there is a subset of GT kids who (though they may be high achievers in the right setting) have a rough time managing their own behavior and an especially difficult time socializing with their peers. Homeschooling is definitely the best setting for these kids, in my not so humble opinion, but even as homeschoolers they may struggle with behavior in their family and have difficulty making and keeping friends--they are often bullied and form better friendships with adults than with peers.

Do you know (or live with) any kids like that? I am leading a roundtable discussion session at the VaHomeschoolers Conference in August on the topic and it would be morethanfine to get some input from parents who live with, or have lived with, what I refer to as a 'chronically gifted' child. I have the teacher perspective and am good friends with 2 moms who are parenting difficult GT kids, but I would like to suppplement it with even more parental perspective (especially if you have girls--most of my experience is with boys.)


Blogger Sandyinsocal said...

AH! Would that I could join you. You know I'll be there in Spirit. Please use our stories (good and not so good) where you think they help. And anything you learn that will help us send our way !

3/02/2006 1:39 PM  

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