Monday, May 15, 2006

TV Stars--the follow up

Well, our TV debut was Friday night on the 11 o'clock news. I think they overall did an okay job. As long as it remains on-line you can see the video at:
(click on Site Features: Leaving Normal School Behind? to play the video)

It was funny that it was supposed to be a report on unschooling and the main video they chose
was us sitting around the kitchen table doing math. The reporter asked us to sit at the table and
do something, so (what you didn't see) I asked the boys what they wanted to do and
they chose math, because that is one of the few things we do at the kitchen table LOL!

My 14yo was a little humiliated because he thought they took him out of context and made him
sound lazy. An early lesson on media spin I guess! And he has received encouragement from
other unschoolers, who totally understood what he was saying.

Priscilla Monti, the reporter was very nice and seem to pretty much 'get' unschooling. I think it was
the editors that made it seem rather 'schoolish'. You really can't expect much from a 3 minute
report, so overall, we are pretty pleased. It was generally a morethanfine experience. I have an
inquiry from a magazine reporter for an interview---we'll see how that goes :o)
My kids are wondering how they got into this!?


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